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Welcome to the DAEP!
The DAEP Mission is to enable students to remain current in their class work while being detached from their respective schools for disciplinary reasons. Academics are a priority in the DAEP. We work with all students placed in our care to help them complete their school work and related studies. DAEP personnel strive to provide quality, relevant instruction in accordance with district standards and policies. Additionally, the DAEP staff aspires to boost the self-esteem of students by providing self-empowerment courses, essential social and life-skills lessons, along with individual/group counseling as needed.
Bullying Can Be Harmful

Bullying happens everywhere, don't be a bully.

Classic Story Books
Read classic story books at no cost.


Pairing online curriculum and real-time data with teacher-led (virtual) instruction makes it possible to truly personalize learning for every student.

In the Know Zone
Information site for substance abuse, sexual, and mental health problems.

Intervention Videos
Sometimes an intervention is needed to rescue someone, see intervention videos for various addictions and related problems.

Math is Fun
Math is more than numbers and calculations.

Teen Health
Valuable source of information about various teen subjects like health, school, jobs, etc.

The Air Force Home Page.

Learn about the Air Force.

The Army Home Page 

Learn about the Army.

The Coast Guard Home Page.
Learn about the Coast Guard.

The Navy Home Page
Learn about the Navy.

The U.S. Marines Corps Home Page
Learn about the Marines.

The Montana Project
The dangers of methamphetamine, one time can can change your life forever!

The Truth About Drugs
Learn the truth about drugs before it's too late.

Undercover Boss
Informative show about employee and administration interactions. Useful tool for teaching students about professionalism in the workplace.