Community-Based Accountability

Though official state ratings reflect the performance of Texas public schoolchildren on one single test, Lubbock-Cooper ISD believes that education is far more complex than test preparation. Our students are bright, engaged, unique individuals with an incredible variety of interests and talents. They face unique challenges and experience unique successes. It is our responsibility to serve each one of them in a way that meets their unique needs.

Three years ago, LCISD began developing a community-based accountability system, a way of analyzing our school system and providing our stakeholders with evidence of our commitment to student success, areas in need of improvement or enhancement, and an overview of school performance.

Below you will find our Community-Based Accountability Reports, annual publications including information about a number of school aspects ranging from safety to academics, finances, student and staff opportunities, and more.

CBAS Report 2022
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CBAS Report 2023
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