Curriculum/Instruction Logo

Curriculum Department Picture

Macy Satterwhite, Ph.D., Deputy Superintendent  ext. 10101

Tara Ballinger, Elementary RLA/Math Instructional Coach and Reading Academy Cohort Leader, ext. 10210

Amy Basham, Secondary Math Instructional Coach, ext. 10205

Sandra Beilue, M.Ed., Executive Director of Assessment & Accountability  ext. 10200

Pam Brown, L.P.C, M.Ed., Director of Counseling & Assessment  ext. 10140

Jennifer Cheatham, Administrative Assistant, ext. 10209

Matthew Cmerek, M.Ed., Director of Mathematics and Advanced Academics ext. 10204

Sara Garcia, ESL Specialist ext.

Keely Harral, CALT, LDT,  Coordinator of Dyslexia Services  ext. 10114

Darla Heinrich, M.Ed., Director of Special Programs & Data Management  ext. 10137

Morgan Hisey, M.Ed., Coordinator of Elementary Literacy  ext. 10208

Meg Kattwinkel, M.Ed., Director of Social Studies and Professional Learning, ext. 10202

Brittney Loera, M.Ed., Secondary Literacy Coordinator ext. 10207

Kelly Rayfield, M.Ed., Elementary Math Instructional Coach  ext. 10211

Debbie Smith, M.Ed., Director of Career & Technical Education, ext. 10203

Shay Troutman, M.Ed., Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction  ext. 10201

Meagan Williams, M.Ed., Science Coordinator ext. 10206

Curriculum/Instruction Statement

The Lubbock-Cooper ISD is fully aligned with the mandated curriculum of the State of Texas, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) as required by Texas Education Code. LCISD teachers utilize a comprehensive curriculum management system (TEKS Resource System) which is locally customized to meet the needs of the students we serve. Curriculum components center upon the content and cognitive expectation of every student expectation found within state standards. Common district-wide assessments are used to track student growth and development in their academic achievement. A variety of standards-based instructional resources (textbooks and online resources) are used to support the active, engaging instructional practices at each campus. For more information about the specific textbooks and online resources used at each campus, please contact your child’s school.