Police Department

Since its inception in June 1999, the Lubbock-Cooper Police Department has grown from two full time officers and one part time officer to a total of 10 full time officers.

In December 2012, the Lubbock-Cooper ISD Board of Trustees increased the department’s strength by four officers, and as a result; each campus has an assigned campus police officer.

The department currently consists of a full time Administrative Assistant/Dispatcher, Patrol Captain, Administrative Lieutenant, seven Patrol Officers, and Chief of Police Rick Saldaña. 

All officers receive training in the following areas:

*Firearms training
*Active shooter response
*Intruder and stranger recognition
*Drug awareness education
*Bully recognition
*Traffic and crowd control

LCISD officers are specially trained to work diplomatically in a school environment to maintain the relationship and trust between parents, students, and visitors.

It is the expectation of the department to provide swift and effective law enforcement service to the school district in order to provide as secure an environment possible, in which educators will feel safe teaching and students will feel safe learning. 

The police department shares the district’s ultimate goal of producing educated young people and introducing them into society upon graduation, so they may be successful citizens for the betterment of humanity.

Police Statement Regarding Racial Profiling

It is the policy of the Lubbock-Cooper ISD Police Department to conduct unbiased policing in all contact between officers and any person. This includes traffic stops, pedestrian stops, and all contact initiated by an officer for investigative purposes of any kind. No police action shall be initiated based on a person’s race, ethnicity, or national origin. Racial profiling is defined as a law enforcement-initiated action based on a person’s race, ethnicity, or national origin rather than the person’s behavior or information identifying the person as having engaged in criminal activity. The Lubbock-Cooper Police Department annually reports racial profiling data to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE). Any person wishing to file a compliment or complaint regarding any contact with an officer should contact Chief Rick Saldana at Rsaldana@LCISD.net or (806) 993-2300


5C41- Rick Saldana- 806.441.9103
All district on call

5C42- Chris Alderson- 806.787.8286
Lubbock-Cooper High school

5C44- Kristi Wuensche - 806.239-3116
Laura Bush/ New Hope- DAEP

5C45- Krystal Johnson- 806.544.6720
East Elementary

5C46- Cason Smitherman- 806.632-0791
Lubbock-Cooper Middle school

5C47- Reuben Reyes- 806.831.3762
Laura Bush Middle school/ NH-DAEP

5C48- Jaime Guitron- 806.317.0672
North elementary 

5C49- Manny Sanchez- 806.782.6621
West Elementary

5C50- Jared Baxter- 830.624.9046
Central Elementary

5C51- BJ Trevino- 806.201.0706
Lubbock- Cooper High school

Sierra1- Kevin Hood-  806.544-4073
LBMS/ New Hope/ Lubbock-Cooper High school
7:30am- 4:30pm

5C52- Mike Steen- 806.632-4435
On call

5C54- Joramze Rosales-  806.777.8662
Lunch Relief

5C55- Daniel Steen- 806.535-9248
Evening coverage