Digital Learning Team

The primary purpose of a DLS at LCISD is to focus on the planning, implementation, and follow-up training using the latest effective instructional strategies including digital learning tools that maximize student learning across all content areas. A DLS supports the curriculum, instruction, assessment, and technology goals of Lubbock-Cooper ISD.

Our Commitments:

  1. We commit to facilitate positive relationships and communication among students, teachers, and instructional teams across the district.

  2. We commit to model and build the capacity for lifelong learning by supporting opportunities for growth and risk taking.

  3. We commit to foster a culture based on innovator mindset, vulnerability, and seeking help from colleagues.

Meet the Team: 
Emerging Technologies Coordinator - Matt Holley 
Digital Learning Coordinator - Aaron Rogers 
Lubbock-Cooper High School - Caleb Henderson 
Laura Bush Middle School - Kevann Moseley
Lubbock-Cooper Middle School - Brisa Cabe
Central Elementary - Sheila Fortenberry 
East Elementary - Kortney Avila
North Elementary - Chasten Greeson 
South Elementary - Brooke McDowell
West Elementary - Rebecca Beardain

DLS Philosophy:
The iPad will never replace good teaching.  At Lubbock-Cooper, we strive to infuse technology to enhance lessons and grow learners.