FAQ (English)

What is a dual language/bilingual program?

  • A dual language program is any type of academic program that is taught in two languages.

  • Dual language programs are designed to develop English and home language fluency, content knowledge, and academic language in both languages.

  • The goal of a dual language program is to become proficient in both languages (bilingual and biliterate). This goal requires consistent and intentional programming.


What languages will be offered?

  • Lubbock-Cooper ISD’s Dual Language Program will be offered in Spanish and English.


How will this benefit my child?

  • Research states that children who participate and stay in the bilingual program have more positive outcomes than students who do not participate in bilingual programs (monolinguals). This includes reading achievement, mathematics achievement, grade point average, attendance, school completion, and attitudes toward school and self.

  • Bilingual students can pay focused attention without being distracted and also improve in the ability to switch from one task to another.

  • Your child will become bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural.


Will my English-speaking child ever receive English instruction/assistance?

  • In the early grades, instruction will be mainly Spanish, however, each grade level will increase English instruction until they reach 50% instruction in English and 50% instruction in Spanish for upper grades.

  • Your child will be taught guided reading in his/her home/native language in all grade levels. Additionally, children will receive English instruction during specials.

  • Rest assured that the teacher will be available to support your child both physically and emotionally the entire way.


Will my child’s class be isolated from other students in the same grade level?

  • In kindergarten through second grade, students will be self-contained and remain together; however, they will still interact with others in their grades during specials, lunch, and recess.

  • In grades 3-5, students will be integrated with others in their grade levels based on classes/schedules.


Is there a cost?

  • There is no cost to attend this program.


How do I enroll my child?

  • Contact Central Elementary at (806) 776-2150 to speak to one of our administrators or the Coordinator of Multilingual Programs.

  • We will set up a meeting during which we can discuss the program with you and your child. In this meeting, we will:

           ■ Provide information

           ■ Answer parent questions

           ■ Discuss program specifics


What are the general requirements my child must meet to be accepted into the program?

  • English-only students must enter the program at the pre-kindergarten or kindergarten level to ensure a strong foundation is established.

  • LCISD students at any Lubbock-Cooper elementary campus are eligible to apply.

  • Students must complete a language proficiency admissions test to gauge language ability.

  • Lubbock-Cooper ISD will require an informed consent for commitment prior to enrollment. A dual language classroom will be added each year until we have full K-5th grade implementation by 2022.

           2017-2018 PreK/Kinder

           2018-2019 1st Grade

           2019-2020 2nd Grade

           2020-2021 3rd Grade

           2021-2022 4th Grade

           2022-2023 5th Grade

  • Keep in mind that in accordance with state law, there should never be more English-only students than English Language Learners in a dual language classroom. The class can be equal or less English-only students. There are limited spots available. If there is high interest, a lottery-based system will be implemented for selection into the program.


Will this be offered on all LCISD campuses?

  • No, currently the program is only offered at Central Elementary.


How long does the program last (what is our commitment)?

  • We are asking that parents be committed to the program through fifth grade due to the five to seven years it takes to reach native-like proficiency and grade-level achievement.


How will I help my child with homework if I am not bilingual?

  • You can help your child by reading with them at home. Ask them general questions about books they are reading in Spanish (What was the story about? Who are the characters in the story? Where did the story take place? Was there a problem in the story?)

  • View videos on SeeSaw created by teachers.

  • Play vocabulary games.

  • Use resources teachers send home with students.


What if, after my child begins the program, I realize that dual language is not a good fit for my child?

  • Research states that second language acquisition generally takes five to seven years. Your child may struggle; however, rest assured that the teacher will be there to support your child.

  • We will meet with parents, teachers, and administrators to ensure that we are doing everything we can to support both the child and the family.

  • If parents elect to remove their child from the Dual Language Program, the student will return to his/her home campus.


Who can I speak to about the program?

  • We would love to hear from you! You can contact Central Elementary at (806) 776-2150 and speak to:

          ■ Colter Cox - Principal

          ■ Jeannette Martin - Assistant Principal

          ■ Sandra Jimenez - Coordinator of Multilingual Programs


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