SAiL Parent/Guardian Agreement


I understand that my child will be issued an iPad as part of Lubbock-Cooper ISD's School-wide Application of iPads for Learning (SAiL) initiative. The district-issued iPad is an educational tool used to enhance my child's learning environment. I understand that the iPad is no different than any other district-issued school supply, and is a required resource that is not optional.

Although the iPad is issued to my child for the school year, I understand that it is the property of Lubbock-Cooper Independent School District. I understand that my child's district-issued iPad is intended for educational purposes only, and should not be used for entertainment or social purposes. My child's district-issued iPad is intended for use by my child alone, and no other individual in my household or elsewhere.

My child's district-issued iPad is subject to monitoring and filtering by the district, and I understand that my child's use of the iPad is not private. I understand that myself and my child are responsible for maintaining the iPad at school/home. I understand that I may be financially liable for intentional or negligent abuse of the iPad that occurs while the iPad is in my child's possession.

My child is bound by the SAiL Student Agreement (signed by my child upon issuance of the iPad), the Lubbock-Cooper ISD Student Code of Conduct, the Lubbock-Cooper ISD Student Handbook, and the Lubbock-Cooper ISD Board Policy while using his/her district-issued iPad, and I understand that any violation of one or more of the aforementioned policies may result in disciplinary or legal action, as warranted.